How to make wishes

Each of us would like to receive great birthday wishes, name-day or other occasions. See how not to disappoint expectations and how to behave in the situation of making wishes.

The opportunity to make wishes is very much in our lives. It ‘s nice to know how to act in each of them. However, for every occasion we should prepare – if we do not have the desired wishes, it would even know what rules of behavior to follow.

You can send a piece of paper or a text message as an addition to your wishes. Just remember to replace the suffixes of the verbs in the correct way to match the recipient’s gender.


Depending on the occasion and the situation, we can make wishes differently. Of course, it is best to submit them personally – then the addressee knows we are thinking about him. But sometimes it is hard to meet. In that case, you should use the phone. As I mentioned above, such applications can be added to such wishes. Sometimes it is worth to use mail – better to give a greeting card than a regular email. When the addressee receives a card he will certainly be pleasantly surprised – after all, to meet the deadline, you should send it in due time. And that means we remember about the person – and not only when the reminder on the phone informs us about her holiday.


Submissions should have a specific form. If we place them personally in the best way during the greeting process, look at the person in the eye and squeeze his hand – this is a kind of courtesy. When giving your hand, do not look at the sides – it signals a disrespect for the caller.

Of course, it all depends on our inspiration and inventiveness, as well as the person we wish. For freer behaviors, we can afford to be close friends and friends. After all, our parents and good friends should be warmly embraced in their important days!

Other wishes of the same occasion will be given to the teacher, parent, brother or neighbor. Everything will depend on our inspiration and what is said. Of course, we will behave in formal situations, and in the company of old friends.


The content of the testimony indicates the attitude we have to the addressee. If they are banal and blind or, worse, downloaded from the Internet then the recipient feels discomfort – it may feel offended and neglected. Even the simple formula of “Health, happiness, prosperity …” can be expanded originally – adding something from yourself, maybe some fact from the life of the solitaire – so that it is known that wishes are especially for him.

How to make wishesLet’s remember that publicly available formulas are always slightly modified – wishes should show our character and orientation specifically for the addressee. Wishes fit him to give his personality, life and to be with us – sincere and straight from the heart! If we know what the addressee wants do not hesitate to wish him. Just – let’s make the wishes we want to receive!