Happy birthday to the best sister ever


On your birthday I’d like to wish you:
Laughter, health, fun,
Of guests and presents a ton,
Lots of friendships, big and small,
Great adventures above all,
Smiling and dancing the night away,
And having a happy birthday!

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Happy birthday wishes to my sister

Dear Sister,

Have a diary full of happy entries,
And lots of tasty treats in your pantries,
All your wishes coming true,
Having a great adventure or two!
On this special day of the year
May all that you ask for be right here!
Endless Coke and chocolate supply,
Alien spaceship in the sky,
Parents giving you all the best,
All your parties full of guests,
Having fun and partying away
That’s what I wish you on this day!

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Special birthday wishes for sister

Movies on the cable and whisky on the table.
Today we’re going to party,
Celebrating, dear Sis, your birthday.
Today you’ll open your presents,
Listen to poems from your friends,
So that you have fun until we’re all done.
Lots of love and little hate
And house full of guests at any date.
That’s what I wish you today
While chanting “Happy birthday!”

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Sweet birthday messages for sister

I wish you, dear Sis, to find the following:
In silence – your thoughts and passion,
In loved ones – strength and the beauty of creation,
In the world around you – the joy of being alive,
In colors, flavors and scent – the power to create and strive,
And love in yourself.

Happy birthday to you.

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Wishes for sister

Like a hive is full of bees,
Like a forest is full of trees,
Like a meadow is full of flowers,
Like a castle is full of towers,
That’s how full of joy and glee
I wish your life, dear Sis, to be.

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Birthday message for younger sister

On this special day of yours
Best wishes from someone who cares.
So that your life is full of sunshine,
As beautiful and pure as sky in summertime.
So that you’re never troubled or down,
And your face never gets a single frown.
And that everything you desire and wish for
Comes rushing straight at your door!

Happy birthday, Sis!

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Birthday message to my sister

Dear sister,

It’s been another year,
Another step, another tear,
But don’t worry and don’t look back,
Cause you know you’re on the right track.
Today we’re wishing you the best,
With our hearts open in our chests,
Wishing you confidence growing high,
And stars shining for you in the sky,
And a lot of health and joy with friends,
And wishes come true and love that never ends.

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Welcome to the website with birthday wishes. Here you will find a lot beautiful, sweet, creative and also funny wishes that you can send to your friends, parents, colleagues and loved one. Nowadays people are busy with their jobs and businesses, so they even do not have enough time to create a wish for many occasions.

Inspirational birthday wishes are an excellent way to make the solitaire happy. Their task is not only to convey some deep thoughts through simple words but also to present the person who celebrates the proof of care and memory. It 's nice to choose birthday wishes directly to the person. Good friends deserve to be treated with respect, so the words they send should strike the sensitive strings. A good way to send sincere and original wishes is to use the instant message. Thanks to this, the birthday person will receive a beautifully edited and moving content, which will undoubtedly allow him or her very warm and heartily think of the person who wishes.

Birthday WishesHow to correctly make birthday wishes?

Birthday is a special day of the year. Then we sum up the past year, we think about what we have achieved, and what else we have to wait for. The older we are, the more we feel the passage of time. However, every jubilarian awaits wishes on that day. Wishes for birthday should be made in a sincere, cordial and heartfelt way. Many people also have a problem how to write birthday wishes . In the following text I will try to bring it closer.

Birthday wishes

We celebrate our birthday on the anniversary of the day we were born. In Poland, this custom usually involves fun, making wishes and giving presents to the solenizer. An inseparable element of birth is a cake on which we put as many candles as the jubilarian and singing the song "Hundred Years".

How to make birthday wishes?

Birthday wishes are best submitted in person. This form is the best seen. We should look at the man in the eyes and squeeze his hand as a proof of kindness. Giving a hand with big tactlessness would be to look sideways - this is perceived as disrespect for the other person. On the other hand, often we do not have such a physical possibility to meet personally with the student on that day. Then it remains a birthday wish to submit in a different form. You can send them using:

  • phone - we can call and make a birthday greeting by phone or write a short text and send it in a sms;
  • e-mail - we can attach a photo or a picture to the wishes by e-mail;
  • traditional mail - when the recipient receives a card in such a way, it will definitely be pleasantly surprised; remember to send it in advance so that it arrives on time; the cards show a lot of work - you have
  • to buy them, unsubscribe and send them, so nowadays this form of wishes will be remembered for a long time;
  • social networking sites - this is an increasingly popular form of making wishes. In addition, social networks, such as Facebook, have the option of setting a birthday reminder. Thanks to this, every friend will
  • see that on that day the birthday is celebrated.

However, in this form for birthday wishes we make without any thought and wholesale.

Wishes for birthdays - what to avoid

The content of the wishes is indicative of the attitude towards the addressee. If we download them from the internet, and what's worse, we will not change the form (that is, when we make a wish to a woman, we will copy the text in a masculine form), the solenizer may feel offended. Even the usual formulas "Happy Birthday ...", "Health, happiness, prosperity ..." can be expanded in such a way that a student would feel that these birthday wishesthey are directed directly to him. Please note that generally the formula always slightly modified - the wishes should see our character and orientation specifically for the person. That wishes would suit him, and that they would reflect his personality and life. Birthday wishes should be honest and straight from the heart. If we know the addressee well and know what he wants, we should not hesitate to wish him that. Simply put - let us make such wishes that we would like to receive. It's a big tactic to confuse the date of birth. Before making a wish, we should make sure that it is today they fall out.

How to write birthday wishes?

Some people find it difficult to write honest wishes. Even if we know and like a given person, we may have a problem with it anyway. So how to write birthday wishes? A typical birthday wish arrangement is as follows:

  • wording, e.g. "On the day of birth ...",
  • content of wishes,
  • end of the text, e.g. "Wishes", "With best wishes",
  • signature. This form can be used when writing a text message or sending a message on social networks. However, if we decide to send a postcard by traditional mail, we can use the following diagram: place and date,
  • return to the recipient, e.g. "Dear Mateusz", "Dear Mark",
  • content of wishes,
  • formula "Wishes", "Wishes wishes",
  • signature It is also better to send very simple birthday wishes, for example "I wish you all the best on the occasion of my birthday, a lot of health, happiness, love and fulfilling my most secret dreams" than using the "copy-paste" formula. However, if you decide to use the Internet, it is worth choosing such wishes that will match the student, not the first better from the bank. On the Internet we find a lot of pages with ready-made wishes - we can enter in the web browser, for example: "wishes for birthdays", "birthday wishes", "for birthday wishes", "how to write birthday wishes" - for sure we will have a choice .

To whom are the wishes addressed?

The nature of wishes may be different in relation to the person to whom they are addressed. Otherwise, we will give birthday wishes to a friend, or sister, or grandmother, mother, and yet another way to husband / wife, child. The closest family can make wishes in a loose, spontaneous form. However, for birthday, the wishes made to the elderly have a slightly different, more sophisticated form. Keep in mind that a person who approaches the hundredth birthday, do not wish 100 years, only - 200 years. For birthday, let's give wishes first of all with a smile and honesty.

Most of us have a problem how to write birthday wishes. Remember to do it from the heart. Wishes for birthday should be made honestly and with a smile.