Short Birthday Wishes

In haste, many people often forget about birthdays celebrated by their loved ones. The solution to this problem can be succinct, short birthday greetings sent by SMS. Their varied and concise form allows for the conclusion of all the most sincere and moving wishes, while at the same time allowing for the not always easy task of skillfully editing the right content. Not everyone has this skill, so SMS birthday greetings can be salvific even at the last minute. Due to its versatility, this type of message can be sent to practically every solitary. Short-lived birthday greetings are usually not present because they require the thought and the right choice of words. Ready SMS solves this problem a hundred percent, allowing you to send a simple and straightforward message that includes a whole range of feelings addressed to a loved one. Thanks to that each birthday person will feel appreciated and remembered.

Short birthday wishes

I send you smiles every moment of your special day! Have fun and have a happy birthday!


I hope your special day brings you everything your heart desires! I wish you first of all a day full of pleasant surprises!


Birthday. They only fall for one day a year, so do something that will make this day unforgettable! One hundred years!

Simple birthday wishes

It’s a nice feeling when you know someone likes you. But you feel much better when you know that someone never forgets your birthday.


A Beautiful message for a lovely person with an excellent style that wishes a wonderful birthday!

Short birthday message

Thinking about you and good times makes me smile! Happy birthday my dear!


Happy birthday to a friend who is always near my heart. I celebrate this special day with you. I want you to know that I think about you and wish you a wonderful birthday!


I dance and sing for your birthday! Only you can not see me! One hundred years!

Short happy birthday wishes

I would like to celebrate with you. May life lead you to great happiness, success, and hope. May all your wishes come true!


Fly your plane with ambition and land on the airport of success. May your future always shine with the light of love. Happy Birthday!


It was a rainy day when you were born, But it was not raining. The sky was crying because it lost its most beautiful angel. Happy life, Friend!


In the delicate starlight, let your dreams come true, every star every night brings love and joy … Happy Birthday! May your day fill the warm sun of love and the bright color of laughter.


When I think about my favorite foods, I can never decide. But when I think about my favorite people, I immediately know that I think about you! All the best!


Finding a great friend is like finding a four-leaf clover. But I was lucky! All the best on your birthday! Let beauty and happiness surround you today and later.

Short Birthday wishes